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Infinite provides medical, emotional, and financial resources and support for egg freezing, for independent and driven women who seek to indefinitely extend their fertility window. All so that you do not have to be limited by it when planning your professional, financial, or personal goals.

Egg freezing, also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation, is a method used to save women’s ability to get pregnant in the future. Eggs harvested from your ovaries are frozen unfertilised and stored for later use. A frozen egg can be thawed, combined with sperm in a lab and implanted in your uterus.

The egg freezing process enables maintaining the quality of the frozen eggs at the same age it was harvested. There is no expiry for those eggs. The eggs will be as good as they were at the day they were retrieved for years after. The process effectively stops the biological clock and allows healthy pregnancy years after.

Finite Score

The Finite Score is a parameter-based scale to evaluate a female patient’s current fertility status - developed via efforts by Infinite’s key stakeholders with several years of experience and its nationally renowned resident doctors. It evaluates the patient’s ovom ability to produce a viable embryo, and indicates if you require freezing your eggs and how.

Factors assessed to arrive at your typical Finite Score –

Your Age, AMH, FSH, AFC, Family History, and knowledge of specific medical conditions like PCOS, Endometriosis etc that affect your fertility health.

Consultation with the Doctor

At this stage, One of Infinite’s nationally renowned resident doctors, Dr. Urvashi and Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar assess your Finite Score and discuss its implications with you. The conclusion from this consultation will be indicative of whether you require egg freezing to secure your biological clock and if you do, which plan or method is recommended.

View the possible plans for securing your biological clock →

Stimulation Phase

You will be required to take hormones that will stimulate the eggs. The hormones maximize the number of those follicles that develop to mature eggs. During the stimulation process you will need to visit the center 2-3 times to monitor the growth of the follicles and adjust the hormones accordingly.
Naturally multiple follicles (immature eggs) are recruited every month and only one egg becomes mature. All the other month-eggs are disposed - the Hormones make more of those follicles to develop into mature eggs.

We also offer less-hormones and no-stimulation plans for egg freezing

Egg Retrieval

On the retrieval day you will go to the Medical center where the procedure takes place. You need to arrive approx 1 hour prior to the scheduled procedure. The procedure itself takes approx 15 minutes under mild anesthesia. You will be free to go home following 1-2 hours rest in the recovery room.
These words may feel heavy in the beginning, but our team at Infinite is particularly equipped to help you tackle your emotional health as you undergo the process. Feel free to also meet our Psychological Counsellor at any time you feel comfortable.

Egg Freezing

The harvested eggs will be handed to the attached lab and will be frozen 2-4 hours post the retrieval.

Egg Storage

The eggs will be stored at our facility, there are different payment options (monthly, quarterly or annual) available for Egg storage for t patient’s convenience. The creation of an Embryo will be the next process if a patient wishes to use her frozen eggs in the future.

Conventional Plan

Designed to maximise the number of good quality eggs retrieved in one cycle →

This plan is designed to maximize the number of good quality eggs retrieved in one cycle

  • 12 days of stimulation with one cycle
  • Standard amount of medication
  • Number of eggs is maximised and depends on the person

Mild Stimulation Plan

A conservative approach for the stimulation →

A conservative approach for the stimulation, The plan uses minimal amounts of hormones

  • 12 days of stimulation with multiple cycles
  • Minimal amount of hormones
  • Number of eggs depends on the person. Typically lesser than the conventional plan

No Stimulation Plan

Egg Retrieval With The Natural Ovulation Period →

This plan uses no stimulation hormones

  • Monitoring for 12 days per ovulation cycle, with an aim to retrieve one egg per cycle. Multiple cycles are required.
  • No stimulation Hormone
  • One Egg may be retrieved in each ovulation cycle

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